Learning Games for Your Children

Great Little Learning Games for Your Child

There are a lot of ways to help your child get ahead even if she’s too young yet for even kindergarten. In fact, you shouldn’t wait until then. You should start today and this isn’t just being an overzealous mother either. In any kindergarten these days, they expect parents to bring their children in all ready with the basics. They expect them to know how to count to 10 backwards and forwards, they expect them to be able to write their names down, and so on.

In fact, they are outsourcing their work to you. What they once used to do there for you, they expect you to do for them even before you bring your child in. How do you help your child learn those basics without tears? You use learning games, of course.

With learning games, your child can get up to speed with all the basic things she needs to know before setting foot in a kindergarten school. When they actually start to teach her things in kindergarten, she won’t struggle. It’ll be familiar stuff, because you will have taught her everything with your learning games.

For instance, consider how you would go about teaching her to write the alphabet or to write all the numbers. She will probably find it infinitely boring if you insist that she write all the letters right away. Instead, teach her something that makes sense to her – drawing lines, slanted lines, curves and circles. In fact, you could teach her these by way of a game.

Suck her into a monkey see-monkey do imitation game, and she can happily imitate you, whatever you do with a pencil. They expect your child to know all her colors by the time she arrives in kindergarten. What kind of learning game could achieve this? There are all kinds, actually.

How about taking your child out on a nice spring’s day and showing her how to find all the colors in the trees, the sky, the birds and so on? When she spies a bird with a beautiful yellow peak, or green feathers, that will be especially fun. But you can actually have this game in all kinds of it places. Watching cartoons on TV, at the dinner table, and so on.

Next there is bath time, if you’re still casting about for imaginative areas in which to bring in those learning games. To parents, bath time at night is about getting the child to quiet down, unwind and get ready to sleep. To your child, it’s about a nice warm bath to splash about in and make a complete mess of the bathroom.

Well, perhaps you could work a little counting game in there. There are toys to count, bubbles to count, there are seconds to count off that your child holds her breath underwater and so on.

Learning Disorders – Adult ADHD Symptoms and Remedies

Adult ADHD Learning Disorders From A Lack of Focus

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults or adult ADHD, is far more common than many realize. ADHD is classed as a learning disorder when children and adults cannot focus long enough to grasp the concept. Learning problems arise because of the lack of focus. Although the problem generally develops in childhood, it can continue into adulthood if not addressed early. According to studies, males are more susceptible than females.

It is also assumed that it is more likely to develop in individuals who were exposed to alcohol or cigarette smoke while being conceived by their mother. I don’t know if this is correct though, as I know of many people who’s mother smoked while they were in the womb and none of them have ADD.  Although there are no conclusive studies, there is also a lot of speculation that ADHD can be the result of childhood trauma due to physical or verbal abuse.

Common Symptoms of ADHD

The symptoms of adult ADHD and the associated learning disorders are very similar to those in children, although manifested in different ways. For example, a short attention span is very common in people with this problem. This is why they can often exhibit learning problems. Because of this, a child would have a difficult time concentrating on things despite being repeatedly punished for it. The same is true for adults — they may not be able to focus well on their tasks at work, resulting in poor performance.

  • Adults with ADHD may also exhibit carelessness, impulsiveness and restlessness, even if they don’t mean to.

Other than these primary symptoms, there are a few other characteristics that may be found in a person suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Anxiety, for instance, is typical of someone with ADHD because they are worried about the effects of the learning disorder in their life. Obsessive-compulsive behavior, stubbornness, defiance and hyperactivity are also common signs of the disorder, both in adults and in children.

It is important to understand, however, that a person showing ADHD learning disabilities and symptoms is not inherently bad or incompetent or even have a learning problem as such. Instead, they may simply have ADHD and not realize it.

Treatment Options for ADHD Learning Disabilities

There are a few different options available nowadays for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, from simple lifestyle changes to psychological therapy. There are also homeopathic remedies available, such as Synaptol. It’s hard to tell which particular treatment is the best because it depends on each individual’s situation.

However, many experts do agree that lifestyle changes are the first treatment one should try because these are completely safe and are quite effective, especially if the disorder is diagnosed in the early stages.

For more advanced cases, therapy works well and so do medications, although the latter may come with negative side effects for some people. In any case, an open discussion with the doctor is needed to figure out the best and most effective treatment. For more information and learning things about natural remedies for ADHD, visit https://medicinesnaturally.com/